Friday, June 4, 2010

The Story of a Cupcake

Howdy Ya'll!

I know you are tired of me talking about the Shareholder's Meeting - so I will just give you a few pics and details and then get to the funny business.  So, for the cliff notes version of the meeting - Jamie Foxx hosted, lots of artists performed, business was conducted, and fun was had.

The opening number of the Shareholders Meeting

Jamie Foxx emceed the show - as well as sang.

Enrique was there too...and he is still hot.

Hey look - it's Mr. Rollback from the commercials.

Billions of dollars of wealth right there between these three Walton offspring

Then, out pops Mary J. Blige

As always, the American Idol winner was there - Lee DeWyze

Mariah was there - and we were looking for a baby bump.

Josh Groban closed out the show.

Now, onto the funny stuff.  After the Shareholders meeting today - Rhonda meet Laura and I at Mimi's Cafe for brunch because it is one of our favorite breakfast places...yummy for my tummy!

As soon as Rhonda shows up, she said, "This day has gone from bad to worse."  I asked her why - and she went into the story of the cupcake (but, before I share it, I feel like I have to give you the back story).

There is a place in town called The Green Bean that we love.  But, when I tell you that we love it, we really only love the food.  The place is small and cramped, the line is usually out the door, the service is slow and the lady that owns it (we think) is super flighty!  However, the wonderful salads keep us coming back for more and more.  

Rhonda and Kelly always raved about this carrot cake they had there - but every time we went in, it was never on the rotating menu.  A few weeks ago, Rhonda called up to The Green Bean to ask if they would make a carrot cake to put on the menu the following day and the flighty lady said absolutely.  It got mine, Rhonda's and Laura's mouth watering for the goodness we had heard (and Rhonda had experienced) about.

However, we got there the next day - and NO CARROT CAKE!  Seriously, nothing, nada, zilch.  The flighty lady let us down.  We opted for the Banana Bread instead (which is tasty), but we longed for the Carrot Cake.

So, fast forward to today, and we will start off with Rhonda saying the day has gone "from bad to worse."  I asked why it was so bad - and she stated that as a surprise for my birthday she was going to order a whole carrot cake from The Green Bean.  She called this week, got it all ordered, told the flighty lady she would pick it up at 11 so she could meet Laura and I after the Shareholder's Meeting at Mimis.

At 10:35 am this morning, flighty lady calls Rhonda to explain that the ovens have been backed up and she won't be able to have the carrot cake ready for another couple of hours.  Rhonda told her that it was unacceptable because she was needing it for a "party" (our lunch) at 11.  She told her that instead she would make cupcakes because it wouldn't take as long in the oven.  And, she told her that she would have them done at 11:30 and would call her.

Guess what - flighty lady never called.  We ate lunch and wrapped up a little after noon - and Rhonda decided to make a pit stop by The Green Bean to see if the cupcakes were ready.  Much to our surprise, flighty lady actually had them finished - but, failed to pick up the phone to tell Rhonda.

One more thing to mention about The Green Bean is that they are very "granola"...that is my term for Green or Sustainable.  She doesn't use plastic, styrofoam, etc which is great, but she also doesn't have a way to give her customers take out food.  She gave Rhonda the cupcakes on a ceramic platter with nothing covering them - and told her to bring the platter back when finished.  Just odd.

I shared the cupcakes at work - and brought home these for on a styrofoam plate that I had at the office - again no cover.

However, I will say that the cupcakes where super, super tasty - and even with all the lady's flighty-ness I will eat at The Green Bean again because I love the food so much.  If you have good patience, try it out.


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