Thursday, June 24, 2010

Another Love Besides My Husband


I know a lot of you already know - but, I am a Shoe Freak.  They are just a fun way to accessorize your outfit.

I don't discriminate with my shoes - I love all shapes, types and colors.

I love the flip flop/casual sandal.

I love a good wedge shoe.

I love pumps!
(Even though these looks like flats in this picture)

I love the UGG too!  So comfy!

Cute "tennis shoes" are fun to wear.
(Is that what you call these?)

I love fun, fun flats!

And Converse are the best!

I love expensive shoes, I love cheap shoes - most of all, I love cute shoes.  And, as many shoes as you see pictured here, I still have about 100 pairs I didn't show you tonight.

However, a girl has to add to her collection, right?

DSW sent me a coupon for my birthday and I took it with me to Dallas, but never had a chance to make it to one of the stores down there.  I noticed today that I could use it online - so the hunt was one tonight for at least one pair of cute shoes.

So, I found these and I am so ready for them to get here!

I also found another pair of black sling-back pumps with little tiny white polka dots with red accents.  Super cute!

Hope you enjoyed a little peek in my closet.


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