Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Happy Birthday, Bevo10? and other Random Stuff

Howdy Ya'll!

First and foremost, Happy Birthday to one of my favorite 3 year olds on the planet, my "nephew" Kennon Dean Teff!

Isn't he CUTE??

Second - as I have told you in the last couple of posts, I love college football and I have been listening to a lot of ESPN radio (Dallas) from my iPhone at work with all of this hoop-la over the Big XII and I have a few things to say about that.
  1. I was shocked yesterday when the Big XII decided to stay together - but, happy that everyone seems to follow what Texas does.
  2. It cracked me up today that Randy Galloway called the Big XII, the Bevo10 Conference since as I just said, everyone followed the lead of Texas.
  3. Just because Nate Newton played football does not make him a football expert/radio personality.  He is just embarrassing on his show.  He seems lost about 99.5% of the time.
  4. They keep talking about how the remaining Big XII teams need to beef up their non-conference schedule.  I will admit that Texas's non-conference games this year were pathetic - but I also need to say that they had both Arkansas and Utah on the schedule and were dropped by both.  But, here is the way that Texas usually does it, the play one team from a power conference and then the rest are cupcakes.  This year coming up we have UCLA.  All teams do this and it is not just the Big XII - with the BCS system, a loss can be devastating so teams don't want to schedule tough opponents.
  5. I am definitely not the demographic for ESPN radio considering just about every other commercial is for male-enhancement!
Third - You always here about six-degrees of separation.  Well, I watched HGTV's Design Star (I know it seems odd that I can like this and sports - but, hey, what can I say - I am well rounded) on Sunday night and noticed there was a guy on there from Arkansas.  My bestie texted me tonight to tell me that he went to school with her brother-in-law.  I just think that is so funny and odd.

Fourth - This plead goes out to my puppy, Roxy.  Please do not run away from me tomorrow morning because I looked like a fool running down the street in my pajamas at 5:30am chasing after you!

Fifth - Does anyone know of someone that paints murals on walls in the Northwest Arkansas area?

Well, I think that is about all of the random stuff I have for the night.  Have a good one everybody!


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